Our eyes are the windows to our souls. Therefore, we should take proper care to keep them clean, clear, and healthy. In the grand scheme of all that requires upkeep in our body, it could be easy to forget about the little ole eyeballs. Optical disease is a serious issue that should be treated as such. Keep an “eye out” for problems with these six signs of eye disease from Tri-County Eye Clinic.

1.Severe, Sudden Pain

a.This is one of the more obvious signs, yet can still be easily ignored. If you are experiencing sudden and severe pain then take note. This can also be manifested in swollen, itchy and burning eyes. If there is any feeling that isn’t normal or can be cured with a simple saline drop, then pay heed and visit a doctor to be safe. Rubbing will only make it worse, so until you know what the problem is, refrain from doing so.

2.Seeing Things (spider webs)

a.Unless you’re in a fun house, you shouldn’t be seeing random flashes of light, rainbows or halos floating around in the air. These are all signs that there is some sort of misfire in the system—particularly with color—and should be addressed immediately as they could lead to cataracts. Another thing to watch for is the appearance of a spider web. If it seems you’re viewing the world through a spider web filled with floaters, this could be a sign of your retina detaching. Having floaters at times is not uncommon, but if it’s persistent and accompanied by flashes of light, see a doctor right away to avoid permanent loss of vision.

3.Sensation that the Eye is Welling

a.This is one often ignored, especially by people with allergies. But if you continue to feel as if your eye is filling with ink or some sort of liquid substance, pay attention. This could very well be a sign of your eyes taking on a harmful fluid. Pat them dry and visit an optometrist.

4.Sensitivity to Light or Glare

a.The most basic function of an eyeball is to see, so if you have to squint away from the picture of the world your brain is trying to capture, take notice of what could be a larger problem. Sensitivity to light or glare is usually experienced when someone isn’t feeling well. But if you are having no other medical issues and experience sensitivity to light for a prolonged period of time, then you may have photophobia. This is more common in those with lighter colored eyes—blue as opposed to brown for example. It can lead to nausea and headaches, even migraines. A good pair of sunglasses can go a long way for someone with photophobia.

5.Red Eyes

a.Redness around the pupil and cornea is caused when there is insufficient oxygen supply to the blood vessels. At some point, most of us will have experienced redness in our eyes. It’s brought on by allergies, over wearing contacts, not getting enough sleep, maybe having too much fun the night before and a litany of other common issues. In children it can also be a sign of pink eye, something that should be treated with medicine pronto. If the redness seems to be worse than normal, consider the possibility of uveitis, glaucoma or even ocular herpes. If redness seems out of place, visit the doctor to determine the best course of action for your red eyes.

6.Changes in Color

a.The color of our eyes is one of our lifelong identifiers. Frank Sinatra was widely known as Ole Blue Eyes. “Brown Eyed Girl” remains one of the most popular love songs to this day. Over time our eye color can evolve (this is seen especially in the first three years of a child’s life). But if your color starts to waver suddenly, it’s definitely not normal. This can apply to drastic changes in the color of the iris and/or white areas in the pupil. All can be a sign of Horner’s syndrome, pigmentary glaucoma or Fuch’s heterochromic iridocyclitis and should require a trip to the clinic right away.

Your eyes allow you to see the beautiful world around you, so take care of them. Pay attention to what they’re telling you with these six signs of eye disease from Tri-County Eye Clinic. Visit Tri-County Eye Clinic, where we specialize in eye exams and treatment for everyone. Call us our Biloxi clinic at 228-385-2020 or for our Orange Grove location, call 228-832-1242. You can also visit our website at We are the eye specialists in Southern Mississippi!

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