5 Reasons Why Your Kids Need a Back to School Eye Exam

5 Reasons Why Your Kids Need a Back to School Eye Exam

Welcome back to school! The beginning of the school season is the perfect time to schedule an eye exam for your child with Tri-County Eye Clinic. There are several benefits to getting your kid’s eyes checked, and it may even improve their learning experience this year!

Your Child is Still Growing

Like all other parts of the body, your child’s eyes are still developing. Just because he or she had 20/20 vision last year, doesn’t mean that this year will be the same. An annual checkup is recommended to ensure that your kid can properly see throughout the school year.

Your Child Will be Doing a Lot of Reading

Your child will be required to do a lot of reading throughout the school year. The inability to clearly see words on a page can hinder a child’s natural joy of reading. Improved vision, however, can lead to a more positive reading experience. This, in turn, can translate into better grades.

Your Child has Options for Improving His or Her Sight

Every child is different. Some children love glasses, while others prefer contacts. When is the best time for each? The experts at Tri-County Eye Clinic recommend the following:

·         Glasses. Children who are attending school can get glassesas early as three to four years old up.

·         Contacts.  Contacts are ideal for children ages 10 and up. Although it is possible to introduce contacts to children as young as 8 years old, it is not recommended.


Keep in mind, there are several factors that you should consider when assigning eyewear to your children. How mature is your child? What is his or her lifestyle? How active is he or she in sports, etc.?

Eye Exams Will Correctly Identify Vision Problems

Poor vision can result from a wide range of problems that include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Many times you or your child may not know that any of these conditions exist if you do not have his or her eyes properly checked. A Tri-County Eye Clinic specialist has the right tools and skills necessary to identify any issue with your child’s vision before it becomes gradually worse. This can solve some possible dilemmas during the school day when good eyesight is essential.

School Vision Screenings are not Enough

Vision screenings are a common occurrence in many public and private schools. A school nurse usually administers the exam by assessing how well a student can see from a given distance (usually 20 feet). While this is a good starting point, it is hardly comprehensive. Your child may also be suffering from other issues such as color blindness.

Schedule an Eye Exam Today!

When was the last time you had your child’s vision checked? At Tri-County Eye Clinic, we specialize in eye exams and treatment for children of all ages. Call us at 228-385-2020 in Biloxi or 228-832-1242 in Orange Grove. You can also visit our website at www.tcecms.com. We are the eye specialists in Southern Mississippi!

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