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Should You Consider Lasik Eye Surgery?


Most of us are dependent on contacts or glasses for our vision needs. Waking up to improved vision may seem like a dream but with LASIK eye surgery, it can come true. If you want to break your dependency on corrective vision, then LASIK surgery may be for you.

Are You a Candidate?

If your vision is not perfect, then you may think you are qualified for LASIK, but, in actuality, there are many requirements you must meet.

  • You must be least 18 years of age or older with no changes in your prescription and vision for at least a year.
  • Your prescription for glasses and/or contacts must meet the FDA approved guidelines for the common vision issues including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.
  • Your eyes should be free of any infections, inflammation, scarring or severe dryness. There should be no current history of ocular herpes and no sign collagen vascular, autoimmune or excessive corneal disease.
  • If your pupils are larger than 8.5mm in the dark then you are at a greater risk for vision glare, halos at night and decreased night vision.
  • Other factors include eyes that have a healthy retina and adequate eye pressure. Your cornea must also have the required thickness to perform the correction.


If you find that you meet these qualifications for LASIK candidacy, then schedule a consultation with one of our ophthalmologists at Tri-County Eye Clinic.

What to Expect

Unlike customary surgery procedures, you will need to be awake during LASIK. If this makes you feel a bit nervous, then your doctor can administer you a mild sedative prior to the surgery. This will allow you to relax. The doctor will apply numbing drops to your eyes before performing the operation.
One of the many advantages of LASIK is that it can be done in a day. The average time of a procedure is usually about 20 minutes. Once complete, you may experience better vision within a few hours or the next day.

Risks and Results

Just like any surgery, there may be risks involved. Informing your doctor about your eye health history is important for a successful surgery and recovery period. After the procedure, you may have improved vision but not perfect 20/20. It is important to maintain a yearly vision appointment so your doctor can monitor your progress.
Better vision can be in your future if you qualify for LASIK surgery. Our ophthalmologists at Tri-County Eye Clinic have several years of performing successful LASIK surgery and would be happy to discuss your vision needs.

If you have recently noticed a decline in the quality of your eyesight, then visit Tri-County Eye Clinic. We offer a wide range of vision products and services in Biloxi, Mississippi and the surrounding area.


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