Tri County Eye Clinic has a unique and convenient process for when you need contact lenses.

Following these three steps is simple and can work conveniently with your schedule. If you think contacts are right for you then make sure you make an appointment with Tri County Eye Clinic today!

Step 1

- Come to Tri County Eye Clinic for a consultation. Making an appointment is easy. Go online to or call the office that is closest to you.

Step 2

- We send off your prescription to a third party company who makes the contacts. While Tri County Eye does not carry specific contact brands at our clinics, we make sure the company and contacts are a perfect fit for you.

Step 3

- They will be conveniently shipped to your home. Our third party company will mail your contacts directly to your home, and will set up a shipping routine automatically.


Is this your first time using contacts? Here are a few tricks and tips that might help make the process easier.


Make sure your room or bathroom has adequate lighting.

Keep your hands clean and dry

Always wash your hand before you handle your contacts. After washing, dry your hands on a clean towel then proceed with putting on your contacts.

Solution is key

Dry eyes, and dry contacts are not comfortable. Using the right contact solution, will keep your eyes and contacts hydrated all day long.

Down and away

When you are about to put in your contact lense look down, then away. Rest your finger against your eye and gently press down until the lense leaves your finger. Then look up and back forward to make sure the contact is in its correct spot.


If you can’t handle the contacts on the first try take a break and give our eyes a rest. Keep slowly practicing until you put your contacts in and out with any difficulties.


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