New Year, New You! What if this year you took a little bit of extra time to focus on your health? We tend to spend so much of our energy assisting and confirming everyone in our lives is doing well and feeling their best. But, what about you?

A very important part of our health is our eyes. It’s the way we see all the beautiful things in our life, all the people and moments that make our existence special. There are a few key ways you can increase your eye health in 2018 and our talented team of specialists is here to help you every step of the way.


Chat with your Eye Doctor

First things first, schedule your annual eye exam! This is such an important starting point for healthy eyes. This is usually covered at no cost to you through vision insurance as a preventive measure. Making sure you have the correct annual prescription in both of your eyes goes a long way in making sure your eyes aren’t having to strain to focus. At your annual exam, your doctor is also able to check you for any eye related health concerns that could become problematic down the road. Prevention is often the best medicine.


Check your Supplements

Omega-3’s are an excellent source for eye health. One trusted way to ingest Omega-3’s is by eating fish on a regular basis or taking a fish oil supplement. If you are a vegetarian or just not all that ‘into’ fishy oils, flax seed is a great alternative. Flax seed can be blended into your smoothies, put on yogurts, snuck into cereals or taken as a supplement. Vitamin A, C, E, and K are also among the top performers when it comes to making your vision bright. If your diet isn’t providing ample vitamin intake, consider a multivitamin that includes all four of these all-star vitamins.


Inspect your Hygiene

Are you leaving your makeup on at night? We don’t have to tell you that this is a hazardous condition for your eyes’ well-being, but we will. Wash your face! Utilizing a gentle cleansing formula or a special hypoallergenic eyewash is of the utmost importance when it comes to ensuring that you are ridding yourself of outdoor allergens and keeping your eye area clean.


Contacts are another top offender when it comes to hygiene. Leaving your contacts in can horrendously damage your eyes, not to mention dry them out! If you often have irritation with long-wear contacts, chat with your ophthalmologist about the options around daily wear contacts or a different brand that fits you most comfortablely. If you wear contacts regularly, think about assigning a day where you wear your glasses to give your eyes a break.


Lastly, make sure your glasses are clean. Many time, we look through our glasses with such smudges and specks, and we continue to use them anyway! Keeping a cloth with you to wipe off your glasses throughout the day can help your eyes focus better, especially when staring at a computer.


If you would like to learn more about what you can do to optimize your eye health, then contact the eye professionals at Tri-County Eye Clinic. We provide a wide range of optical products and services for clients in Biloxi, Mississippi and the surrounding area. Call us at 228-385-2020 in Biloxi or 228-832-1242 in Orange Grove. You can also visit our website at


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