Taking Care of Your Eyes in the Digital Age

Taking Care of Your Eyes in the Digital Age


From the moment we wake up, we are exposed to electronics. You likely grab your smartphone to turn off your alarm or hit snooze, then check texts and email. This process continues throughout the entire day. A recent study said we check our phones almost ten times an hour. That’s a lot of screen time!


In addition, many of us look at a computer screen most of the day. Our eyes were not naturally designed to be looking at electronics or ‘blue light’ that comes from our devices as much as they do now in the digital age.


One important step in keeping your eye health is to make sure you see your eye doctor annually. Having the right prescription, making sure your eyes are healthy and not prone to any diseases, such as glaucoma or early blindness- is vital to the process.


Here are a few other ways you can take care of your eyes in the digital age:


Use Moisturizing Eye Drops

Talk to your doctor about how often and the right type of brand to use. It also goes without saying - don’t sleep with your contacts on!


Switch Glasses For Contacts

Be mindful of how often contacts are in your eyes. It might be great to use glasses at night and on the weekends when you can.


Turn Down The Brightness On All Of Your Devices

This will help reduce the amount of strain on your eyes.


Enlarge Your Text

No need to work hard to read or squint here - we promise you won’t regret this decision.


Reduce Glare On Your Computer And Phone

Make sure your computer is not tilted upwards and position your screen so you have minimum glare.


Try To Work Without Fluorescent Overhead Lighting

Dark or light lighting is best.


Take Regular Breaks

Not only is it a good idea to take regular physical breaks away from sitting in front of your computer or desk, it’s also so helpful for your eyes to refocus!



Set up a ‘no electronic’ hour or two in your house so the entire family gets a chance to regroup mentally and physically, as well as rest their eyes.


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