When contact lenses first entered our world, they changed the vision game. No longer was someone bound to their glasses’ frames, worrying about glare or breaking the fragile specs. The added advantage of no more “four-eye” looks appealed to people, especially children and teenagers. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, though, and over time we’ve seen some disadvantages of contact lenses, as well. Now there’s another option on the market ready to become the vision darling: daily disposables. But before committing to an entirely new concept for your eyesight, we want to help you answer the question, are daily disposable contact lenses right for you?


The Cost 

The first thing to consider with daily disposables is the cost. While many other factors work in favor of the lenses, the cost is what holds most consumers back. The monetary cost is more upfront, giving a bit of shock and causing most to stick with their ordinary prescription. It can be argued though that since you aren’t spending money on cases, solution and other necessary add-ons, that over time you will come out even or perhaps even ahead. The cost also goes down when you consider that most contact users don’t wear them every day. Lounge days or times of year when allergies really kick in see most vision impaired individuals reaching for their back-up frames. With bi-weekly and/or monthly lenses, the time spent soaking contacts in solution must be counted against their usage. Since daily disposables are only worn once, then glasses-only dats don’t hurt your contact reservoir.


The Ease

The most obvious perk to switching to dailies is the ease. No longer do you have to keep up with how long you’ve been wearing your current pair. You also don’t have to keep up with cases, cleaning them out, and taking them with you when traveling. There isn’t a worry about keeping up with anything but the actual lenses.


The Health Benefits

While the ease is appealing to wearers, the health benefits are appealing to your eye doctor. Daily disposables are much safer to your eye. Even if someone is vigilant in cleaning their bi-weekly or monthly lenses, the daily grind and grime will eventually build up on the surface. The bacteria deposits that build up over time can be extremely harmful to your cornea. Those who sleep in their contacts experience this more often. Even prescriptions that allow overnight usage can affect your eyesight if you sleep with contacts on for too many nights. Daily lenses help avoid the fear of infection and/or itching especially during allergy season.


It should be noted that daily disposable lenses can not be slept in. Even though there is greater ease in taking them out at night, if you are someone who tends to fall asleep often without a nightly ritual that includes removing contacts, then dailies are probably not the best option for you.


For those who must learn to live with vision impairment, there will always be a search for the perfect solution. Consider asking yourself if daily disposable contact lenses are right for you. Whatever you decide, visit Tri-County Eye Clinic where we specialize in eye exams and treatment for everyone. Call us at 228-385-2020 in Biloxi or 228-832-1242 in Orange Grove. You can also visit our website at www.tcecms.com. We are the eye specialists in Southern Mississippi!


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